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We have a comprehensive list of where we invest.

Calamus Enterprises is proud of it's record of providing high quality and comprehensive services to the Maryland, Virgina, Washington DC, California and surrounding areas.

CE is part of MCDC Holdings and Global Navigation group and always looking for new innovative ventures.

Calamus Enterprises is serving following areas: NC, MD, VA, DC, CA

Seo Agency Services

We specialize in helping businesses like yours: businesses who want to drive traffic, boost sales, increase leads and inquiries, and rank above their competitors online. We don’t advertise ourselves – our customers will come strictly by recommendations.

Our Search Engine Optimization team delivers more top rankings then anyone else and we can prove it.

We do not use “link farms” or “black hat” methods that Google and the other search engines frown upon and can use to de-list or ban your site. The techniques are proprietary, involving some valuable closely held trade secrets.

SEO Training Course for
Small Businesses

This course is ONLY available for real, independent small businesses. I believe that, if you’re a small business owner, the best person to do your SEO is YOU! Our SEO & Online Advertising course for small businesses cuts through the lies and shady techniques and gives you the rock-solid fundamentals of what Google wants to see.


Seo Agency Services

Calamus Enterprises provides web development and online marketing services to any company looking to expand their online presence.
Depending on customer’s needs, the company offers packages that will introduce and advertise your business to the right audience, paving the way to your company’s success. Our client’s stories have been featured in various online publications, for example - Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance and ABC6.
Depending on your industry, we build a personalized marketing package that will benefit your business significantly.

We focus on three key aspects:
Web Design: Custom made website illustrates your business and receives the right first impression.
SEO: Search Engine Optimization to list you on top of the Google Search before your competitors.
Content: Blog, press releases, website or branded content, our creatives will focus on your brand to get the message across.
Our three key aspects will cover your full online marketing plan and will keep your customers engaged and coming back. Online presence starts from a good and simple website, that represents your online image, but a beautiful page needs also acknowledgment. Our team focuses on SEO and Content Marketing to have your site and brand receive a wider audience. We use the tools of inbound marketing, where original and consistent content drives traffic and new leads. To keep your clients coming back we monitor the success of your SEO and offer continuous content strategies depending on your brand needs. We put a lot of effort in our content, and the way your customer perceives you, that is why our press releases are written to grab your customer's attention and have them choose your brand over the competitors.

We offer competitive prices that may vary according to your company’s needs, for sample pricing see below for all other inquiries please contact us.
Custom made website start from only $1999
SEO services include search engine optimization, online marketing, website and security updating - contracts starting from $5600 per year.
Press Releases with distribution (guaranteed more than 80+ top news outlets) price starting from $999

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